Coordination & Marketing


Coordination &Marketing Branch of PHA was established on 01-07-2009 while Outdoor Advertisement Rights were transferred to PHA from City District Government Faisalabad on 14.12.2014. Main function of this branch is to regulate all kind of outdoor advertisement and provide support to business community.


Our vision is to beautify the Faisalabad city through Regularization of outdoor Advertisement.


  • To implement PHA Regulations for outdoor Advertisement – 2017 developed under section 31 of PHA Act – 2012.
  • To boost up PHA’s revenue through formulized collection of Advertisement regulatory fee.
  • To facilitate public through establishment of food courts and sitting areas on various PHA owned sites by auctioning process which also adds into the revenue of this Authority.
  • To make the city attractive by eliminating illegal and obnoxious outdoor Advertisement.
  • To provide conducive advertising environment for People of Faisalabad.