Develop And Maintain Green Area

PHA is of the view that greenery plays a pivotal role in shaping the success of a town and hence the development of parks and green belts in every nook and corner of Faisalabad is undertaken for beautification of the city and reviving a new life in it. Considering the international horticulture standards, flower arrangements are in process alongside the sideways. With its efficient and timely services, it aims to lay the foundation of a safe and sustainable community that breathes healthy and lives healthy. All in all, the vision of PHA is to refine the public infrastructure of the city by building parks and conserving natural resources for protecting the quality of life.

Apart from their primary recreational role, parks act as a catalyst for community development and enhancement. They’re an essential component that enriches the city, helps us relate to nature and serves as a great medium for social and cultural exchange. PHA has thus undertaken the responsibility to preserve and protect this sacrosanct of nature. To transform the dense and dirty urban life of Faisalabad into a passive and beautiful ambience, PHA has formulated a strategy to maintain the greenway system which includes continued renovation of existing parks and facilities, keeping the green belts and sidewalks up-to-date, providing flexible care with seasonal variations and offer interim management to enhance the overall park maintenance process.