Major Functions of Horticulture

These authorities are responsible for the following functions:

  • To streamline and bring about uniformity and integrated horticulture development approach for beautification of city
  • Development and maintenance of new parks, roundabouts, triangles, green belts, green verges, central medians, play grounds and open spaces
  • Preservation of places of cultural and recreational importance
  • Face lifting, landscaping, illumination and beautification of assigned areas
  • Environmental improvements
  • Establishment of food streets and recreational spots
  • Organizing annual Jashan-e-Baharan in collaboration with private sponsors
  • Organizing festivals etc., for recreation and promotion of culture
  • Organizing community tree plantation campaign during spring and monsoon season
  • To regulate outdoor advertisement activity in city
  • Matters connected therewith and incidental thereto and such other functions as the government may assign to it from time to time